About Us

RAE Land Services is a brokerage company designed around the needs of our clients. We provide customized Land & GIS Mapping services. Our staff is dedicated, experienced and motivated. RAE is devoted to carrying out all of our services in a highly ethical and professional manner.

Overview of services

RAE provides services in title research, title curative, due diligence, mineral leasing, property acquisition and saltwater disposal wells. We also provide services related to the acquisition of pipeline right-of-way, public and private electric power lines, substations, and compressor sites. Along with the process of acquisition we provide routing, ownership, survey permission, landowner meetings, map building, permitting, geographic information system (ArcGIS) and plotter printing of multiple size maps. 

Oil and Gas Services

  • Lease Checks 
  • Mineral Takeoffs 
  • Title Research 
  • Leasing Run Sheets/Abstracts of Title
  • Lease Options 
  • Title Curative In-House Contract Work

Due Diligence

  • Acquisition and Divestitures
  • Analysis and Confirmation
  •  Title Research 
  • Encumbrance Research
  • Surface Services 
  • Rights of Way 
  • Easements 
  • Surface Usage Agreements

GIS Mapping

  • Leasehold Tracking and Project Status Surface Analysis
  • Site and Route Selection Assistance
  • Data Creation and Conversion Collection of Field Data 
  • Customized Map Creation

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